Smart zoning for your heating system


Evohome means you're always in charge of your home heating & stored hot water - wherever you are.  Evohome lets you control your Heating via your smartphone or  tablet for complete efficiency and comfort.


At its heart is the evohome controller, your simple to use control panel that lets you set the temperature in every room in your home - from anywhere in your home.


You can create a Heating schedule that reflects your lifestyle and the way your use your home.  Create zones in your home that you can control individually.  To find out more click here


Thermostatic Radiator Valves

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What is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve? TRVs sense the air temperature around them and regulate the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to. They do not control the boiler.They should be set at a level that gives you the room temperature you want.


The valve should not be shielded by curtains or obstructions and should not be in direct sunlight in order for the sensor head to detect the temperature of the air in the room.


You should have thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators but not in the same area as a wall thermostat, as this room may never get warm enough to turn the boiler off via the wall thermostat if the temperature in this area is being controlled independently by a TRV.

Honeywell Evohome


Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters, they will help you keep track of your energy consumption in the home and cut out the need for you to provide meter readings thus providing accurate energy bills.


Smart Meters enable you to see when you're using the most energy and how much it's costing you. This means you can adapt your energy use and cut down on waste to provide long-term carbon and financial savings.


They provide you with accurate and real-time information about your energy use, enabling you to make informed decisions about your energy behaviour.


To find out more about Smart meters click here or contact your energy supplier .

Smart Meters

Thermostats & Controls

Having the right heating controls will enable you keep your home at a comfortable efficient temperature without wasting fuel


Heating controls should ideally include a boiler thermostat, a timer or programmer, a room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs).


Benefits of having the correct heating controls and using them efficiently could save you money on your heating bills, give you the ability to schedule your heating and hot water to go on and off as required and you will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.


Smart thermostats are a type of heating control which connects to the internet, allowing them to be accessed and adjusted remotely. They give you much greater control over your heating, from wherever you are and at any time.


You will be able to turn your heating on and off, or control the temperature in your home, using a mobile app,

You can create zones in your home which will give you the ability to control your heating in different areas of your home, to avoid wasting energy by heating un-used rooms

Smart Meters